About Us

1. Bea and her team of 5 full time staff operate in a big, Victorian style house at the end of the trendy 17th Ave, and a stone throw from the Victoria Park stampede station. Our salon has been named in the media as Calgary's land mark and unique. It has been refereed to as "Calgary's answer to any hair problem" ( A channel news) well over 20 years ago.

2. To most of our clients the shop atmosphere is simply a very relaxing atmosphere. Unlike some other hair extension establishment Bea's Braiding team of staff has over 70% with actual professional hair dressers licenses and all have over twenty five years of experience and all have a complete passion for hair. They all work full time rather than on call, so you can count on your stylist being available always. Bea with her staff take pride as the 2010 immigrant of distinction award winner as well as several nominations and awards in Calgary and Toronto.

3. As you navigate though our site, be sure to check what other people are saying about us in the testimonial section, Google, Yelp, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter and Tumbler. Of course we have had a few negative reviews- we are human and can't be 100% perfect- remember the saying ' to air is human' but check how quickly we respond to negative reviews and request for angry customers to come back to make amends. We are highly recommended by other salons, other clients and the medical profession.

Our Accomplisments

Bea and her team have continuously received awards throughout their 30 years of buisness. In the first picture, Bea is shown receiving a buisness award in 2010 from Premier Ed Stelmach. The second picture shows Bea and her staff, nominated for best hair salon at the Calgary Oscars in 2011. The third picture shows Bea receiving an Obsidian Award for best small buisness in 2014. The fourth picture shows Bea's Black Achievement award received in 1996. Finally, the fifth picture shows our shop, a Calgary landmark, named Calgary's answer to any hair problem by the media.

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