Frequently Asked Questions

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Q. What makes our salon, Bea's Braiding & Hair Extensions, unique and most highly recommended?

There are several reasons why Bea's is the preferred hair extension salon for so many people. First, the staff. Second is the owner Bea, with over 30 years of experience in doing hair extensions in Calgary and the surrounding area. Third is our large, 3000 sq. ft. Victorian style house that has been converted into a salon, located on 17th Ave, a stone throw away from the Calgary Stampede grounds and the Victoria Park LRT station. Forth is the quality, variety and large selection of human and synthetic hair wigs available at all times. At Bea's we only use the highest quality of European, Remy and Italian hair.

Q. What are hair extensions?

They are appendages of 100% human or synthetic hair that are attached from the base of your hair, at the scalp, to create instant thickness, texture and length. Once applied, they can be styled, washed, and treated just as your own hair

Q. Why and when do hair extensions become necessary?

Too many reasons. Here are a few:

  • If your hair is too fine and you struggle and fuss each day trying to force it to do what it simply cannot.
  • If your hair does not grow and you get frustrated watching it stand still.
  • If you are going on vacation and have no time to deal with your own hair..
  • If you want to add volume, streaks, thickness or simply have fun.
  • If you have undergone chemotherapy and are awaiting the growth of your new hair.
  • If you suffer from Alopecia, Lupus or Tricotilamania and need patches of hair to replace what was lost.
  • If you think the way I do and believe that you deserve one of the best things in life, fabulous hair, and want to get it
  • If you believe that your hair, like your mind, is yours and can be changed as often as you'd like.

Q. How much do hair extensions cost?

This is by far the most common question asked by customers and yet the most difficult to be answered. It is almost the same as calling up a dealership and asking how much is a car. The price depends of the length, thickness, and quality of the hair used as well as your own hair and the method used.

Q. What are some other techniques used in extensions?

Bonding Method

The clients hair is sectioned as in the weaving method but instead of braiding the hair, hair-bonding solution is applied at the scalp and the commercial hair is applied on top. It is very secure and can stay in place for up to one month before loosening. It is recommended for people who have hair too short for other methods or if clients prefer a very flat feel on their scalp. Again it is not recommended for clients with very thin hair. The ultratress is the newest technique that uses a very high quality human hair specially made with a very thin base and uses the bonding approach in its application. The hair although expensive like some other methods, unlike other methods the hair can be reused several times over

The Utratress

Similar to bonding but utilizing special hair with poryutrane base, which is applied, with special hair adhesive. The result is quick, virtually undetectable, reusable hair as in the weaving method and can easily be used on both thin and thick hairs.

Mega Hair Extension

This system again uses hot wax specially formulated for use with human and synthetic hair to attach individual sections of hair to ones own hair. It is relatively safe on your own hair, but requires regular maintenance every 6 weeks. Failure to maintain regularly as required could cause breakage of your own hair.

Hair Integration

Human hair is weaved into a crocheted web. The finished product is like a lightweight wig without a real base. When applied, you can pull your own hair through to create texture, volume or length.


This is similar to mega extensions above, the difference is that the hair is purchased in individual strands with the glue already secured. The extentionist uses a machine to attach each strand to the client's hair. Like the megas it is natural looking and feeling. It is great for updos and clients in the entertainment field who like to dance and move their hair around. The disadvantage is that is very time consuming and therefore is more expensive.

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