Weave Extensions

This is the first style of hair extensions to have been invented. It is the most commonly used and very quick to apply and offers the most volume and coverage.

In this method, the hair is braided into a track and commercial human or synthetic hair is sewn into the track as is shown below. This method stays in place for 8 to 12 weeks until the hair underneath grows, loosening the braid. At this point, we will tighten the braid at the shop.

This method is best for people with thin, fine hair where other methods might be too harsh for their hair. It is also best for people with very short hair who want length. The weave method allows for the clients hair to braided and hidden so that the new hair can be shown. Other techniques are not suitable as the clients thick hair will stick our in the new hair.

A couple alternate weaving methods are the Individual Braid and Tie Off or 4-Strand Cross Over Braid and Fused methods. In these methods, small sections of human or synthetic hair are added into small sections of the clients hair using a 3 strand or 4 strand braiding method. The result is a free flowing head of hair, easy to pull up in a ponytail or other up-do. This, by far, is the best and safest method for all hair types although it is very time consuming and therefore more expensive.

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